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A.Dahil dinala dito ng Britanya ang mga kaisipan,kaugalian,edukasyon at teknolohiya

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Q: Bakit tinawag ng great Britain ang India na pinakamaningning na hiyas?
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How has Britain helped India?

britain helped india for sucking

Which Is bigger than in Britain or India?

India is bigger than Britain by a mile

Why does Britain want to be close to India?

Britain has still contact with India. It is not bad to have them.

What country used to control India?

India was occupied by Britian.

Why was Great Britain In India?

As occupants of India

How is Britain connected to India?

It is connected through trade and Britain used to own the whole of India

What wars did India and Britain have?

India was involved in war with Britain for independence. The first war of independence took place in 1857. India was involved in other wars with Britain afterwards.

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India got invovled when Britain got involved, seeing as it was Britain's colony.

What was India like after Britain ruled?

pakestan india

When did the Britain get India?


How far is India from britan?

India is 7,934 miles from Britain.

Was India victorious or Britain?

after Britain took control the only empire left was mughals who later on declined and India was left helples with no military inforcement and Britain took over India with the british crowned victorious.