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Q: Bakit tinawag na united states of amerika at sino ang nagbansag nito?
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What are those countries under oligarchy?

The United States of Amerika

Who is present president of amerika?

As of November 2021, Joe Biden is the President of the United States.

How do you say United States in Dutch?

Verenigde Staten, or: Verenigde Staten van Amerika, or just VS

What actors and actresses appeared in Amerika rikugun koukyou gakudan tokubetsu ensoukai - 1958?

The cast of Amerika rikugun koukyou gakudan tokubetsu ensoukai - 1958 includes: United States Army Field Band as Themselves

What is German name for the US?

The United States is called Die Vereinigten Staaten in German.The United States of America is called Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika in German.As an abbreviation, die USA is commonly used.

How do you say America in German?

America = Amerika. The United States is "Vereinigten Staaten" (Fair-eye-nig-ten Shtah-ten). Or you can just say U.S.A.

Are the Niagara Falls in Amerika or in Canada?

Niagara Falls are three waterfalls that straddle the international border between Ontario, Canada and New York, United States.

What bank did Hamilton support?

First bank of the united states. He was the first Secretary of the Treasury.

What has the author Isamu Yagi written?

Isamu Yagi has written: 'Amerika no kokka soshiki' -- subject(s): Outlines, syllabi, Politics and government, Presidents, United States

Which countries are in northern continent?

Canda, United Stats of Amerika, and Mejico

What German magazines are sold in the US?

There area number of Germany magazines that are sold in the United States. These include Amerika Woche, Aufbau, The Atlantic Times, as well as Deutsche Rundschau.

Where are the headquarters of Sunrise Medical?

You can find the quarters of Sunrise Medical all over the world. The main quarters are in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, United States of Amerika, China and Mexico.