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Q: Bakit tinawag na lower egypt ang itaas na parte ng egypt?
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Is the Nile delta in upper Egypt or lower Egypt?

Lower Egypt.

Where were the two regions that was made up ancient Egypt?

Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt

Which is farther north upper egypt or lower egypt?

Lower Egypt is the northern part

Is Memphis in lower Egypt or upper Egypt?

lower egypt since its above the delta and lower egypt is the north part of egypt since the nile flows backwards

What is lower Egypt?

Lower Egypt is the top part of Egypt. It is called Lower Egypt because it is lower in the Nile, coming up from the south. The Nile delta is in Lower Egypt and runs out to the sea from there.

What are the two regions in Egypt?

The two regions of Egypt are called Upper and Lower Egypt! I hope I helped

Where did horus live?

He lived some where in lower Egypt. But lower Egypt is upper Egypt because upper is lower and lower is upper.

What is the same about upper Egypt and lower Egypt?

well i know nothing about how they were the same except that they are both located in Egypt. But i do know that upper and lower Egypt were united when someone from lower Egypt married a princess from lower Egypt

Where is lower Egypt and upper Egypt located?

Lower Egypt is the top and to the north, Upper Egypt is the bottom and to the south.

Where are the Upper and Lower parts of Egypt?

lower Egypt is more important because pharoas lived in lower Egypt

Is cairo in Lower Egypt or Upper Egypt?

Lower Egypt; it is in the north, while Upper Egypt is in the south.

Why were the crowns of upper and lower Egypt combined?

The crowns of upper and lower Egypt were combined because King Menes combinded upper and lower Egypt. He decidd to combine upper and lower Egypt and the crowns.