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Q: Bakit tinawag na dugong bughaw ang royal blood?
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What is the opposite of Duke in tagalog?

There is no Tagalog term for "Duke" but he is considered as one of "Dugong Bughaw" as in with Royal Blood. ANSWER2: DUKE IN TAGALOG IS DUKE, DIFFERENT PRONUNCIATION. SAME MEANING. DUKE (TAGALOG) IS A MALE THEN kONTESA IS THE OPPOSITE(FEMALE)

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it is blood it is blood it is blood it is blood it is blood it is blood it is blood

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What is bakit kami lang ang nandito in maguindanao language?

It is a Filipino Language. It means "Why are we the only ones here in Maguindanao?". Maguindanao is a city in the Philippines. P.S : I'm Proud to be a Filipino (Even though if I have a little Japanese blood mixed)! If you have anymore questions about the Philippines, it's language and if needing translation, please consult me. I'm happy to help. Hope I Helped! Happy to help, ThePupKid

Why blood group O can still transfer their blood to A despite the reaction between antibody A of blood O and antigen A of blood A?

Common blood can be transfered to rare blood but rare blood can not be transfered to common blood.

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If a half-blood marries a pure-blood what blood will their child be?


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My blood colour is black

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Blood of My Blood was created on 2011-10-05.

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