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Q: Bakit tinawag na Allies ang pag-alyansa ng France England at Russia?
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Why did Allies invaded Normany France?

england.......i think!

Who fought the hundred year's war?

England and France and various allies of France

The Hundred Years' War was fought by .?

England and France and various allies of France

Who attacked England to draw France into war?

No one, France and England were both allies of Belgium,and when Germany attacked Belgium,both France and England had to join

Which two countries fought in the 100 years war?

England and France (with various allies of France)

What two allies did the Soviets gain to defeat German invasion?

France and England

Who did the US support when World War 1 broke out?

allies that were England and France

Englands indian allies were the algonquians?

that is false

Which nations were associated with the allies in world war 2?

What or who do you classify first as allies? England France, United States Russia,(at Times)

Who were the US allies in World War 2?

China, Russia, England and France were the four major allies

Who did Thomas Jefferson want to be allies with?

Despite Napoleon, I think Jefferson trusted France more than he did England.

What side did Russia England America France and japan fight in world war 2?

Russia, USA, England and France were the "allies" ad japan, Germany and Italy were the "axis"