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bakit tinawag na zero degree latitude ang greenwich

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Q: Bakit tinawag na 0 degree ang prime meridian?
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What is the degree of measure for the prime meridian?

The Prime Meridian is zero degrees longitude.

What degree is the prime meridian at?

The Prime Meridian is at zero degrees longitude and every possible latitude.

What degree does the prime meridian follow?

By definition and international agreement, the Prime Meridian is Zero longitude.All longitudes on earth are measured east and west of the Prime Meridian.

What is the closest degree to the prime meridian?

1 degree or 1 degrees

What is 0 degrees longitude?

0 degree longitude is is called the Prime Meridian.

All places on earth west from the prime meridian to 180 degree are in the?

All places on Earth west from Prime Meridian to 180 degree are in the western hemisphere.

Is the prime meridian 20 degree east 160 degree west?

The Prime Meridian is zero east or west and every possible latitude north or south.

What degree is the prime meridian located at?

The longitude of the Prime Meridian, by international definition and agreement, is zero (0°). .Every point on the Prime Meridian has a different latitude, and every latitude on Earthhas a point on the Prime Meridian.

The zero degree longitude line called?

This imaginary circle is called the prime meridian. it is an imaginary line that circles the globe vertically and is typically measured as beginning in Greenwich, England.

0 degree line of longitude on the globe?

the prime meridian(:

What lie on the 0 degree longitude line?

Prime meridian

What is the longitudinal degree for the prime meridian?

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