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Dahil ang mga bansa sa hilagang asya ay dating kabilang saSoviet Union

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Q: Bakit tinatawag na soviet Asia ang hilagang Asia?
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What is the Tagalog of North Asia?

Tagalog of north Asia: hilagang Asya

Bakit mahalaga ang pag-aaral sa Asia?

jimuel manalo!!

China and Soviet Union are on what continents?

China is in Asia. The Soviet Union no longer exists but some of the countries that were part of it were in Asia and others in Europe.

Bakit naging sentro ng kalakalan ang Pilipinas sa rehyon ng Asia?

bakit mainamanglokayon ng pilipinas timog silagang asya

What is tajikistan?

It is a place in Asia. a former Soviet Republic located in Central Asia.

Ano ang 5 relihiyon ng Asia?

Timog asya,hilagang asya,kanlurang asya,silangan asya,at timog silangan asya.

What continent is Soviet Union in?

The Soviet Union was spread out in Northern Asia, the most famous Soviet country was Russia, but others, such as Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus were part of it.

Is the Soviet Union in America?

No, the Soviet Union is in Russia and a very large part of north Asia.

Who ruled Asia in the 20th century?

The Soviet Union.

What is the largest climate region in Soviet Asia?


Is japan part of central asia?

No, Central Asia countries are ex Uni Soviet countries. Japan is in Northeast Asia region

Why is it that central asia has few large cities?

Central Asia has many large cities. Some of the large cities in central Asia are Soviet Union: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.