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Q: Bakit tinaguriang reyna ng kagubatan ang Pambansang puno na Narra?
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What are the importance of narra tree?

The narra tree is important because it is a valuable source of timber, known for its durability and strength. It provides shade, helps prevent soil erosion, and contributes to biodiversity by providing habitats for various species. Additionally, narra trees are also valued for their ornamental beauty, with their vibrant yellow flowers adding aesthetic value to landscapes.

What is the strongest type of wood?

the pambansang narra is the strongest tree in the pilipinas

Ano ang ibig sabihin ng araro?

Ang narra ang pambansang puno ng Pilipinas.

When was Miralee Narra born?

Miralee Narra was born on July 29, 1976.

How tall is Miralee Narra?

Miralee Narra is 5' 3 1/2".

What nicknames does Miralee Narra go by?

Miralee Narra goes by Mirabella, and Mira.

What is the English name for Narra?

The English name for Narra is Philippine Mahogany.

What type of stem a narra tree?

Narra trees have a taproot system, where the main root grows deep into the ground and is significantly larger than the secondary roots. This taproot system helps in anchoring the tree and provides stability, especially in areas with strong winds or heavy rainfall.

Is narra tree can be used for lumber?

yes.....because narra tree is a lumber tree also ....

What is the Symbolism of narra?

narra symbolize for being strong and unyielding, willing to sacrifice the high quality.

What is the meaning of narra tree?

Narra tree is a large tree that can be found in the can make furnitures.....

What is habitat of narra?