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Q: Bakit pinag aagawan ang scarborough shoal?
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Who own scarborough shoal?

Philippines , obviously. They own it.

Who really owns scarborough shoal?

Philippines , obviously. They own it.

Howe did the scarborough shoal belong to the Philippines?

The Philippines considers Scarborough shoal as part of its territory. Our ancestors is already fishing there long before the Chinese ludicrous 9-dash claim. It's very close to us...just use a sattelite map and see. and Scarborough shoal is in the PHILIPPINE EXCLUSIVE ECONOMIC ZONE.

What other country claim Scarborough shoal?

The Philippines, China, and Taiwan all have overlapping claims to Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea. Despite Filipino ownership according to the Permanent Court of Arbitration's ruling in 2016, China has maintained a consistent presence in the area.

What helped the Chinese people unify the Chinese people?

Scarborough Shoal

Why is scarborough shoal is being claimed by the other countries in Asia?

Natural Resources. Whoever country owns it can dig the shoal for oil.

Does china own a Scarborough shoal?

I am a Chinese but I clealy state that the Philippines own the Scarborough Shoal because a usual it is located at the location of the Philippines and I watch the news and it clearly stated that the Philippines has a permit and contract that they own the Scarborough Shoal....... China always want everything!! they want the south chine sea, spratly islands and scarborough shoal >_< I hate being Chinese because our eyes is to small that we cannot even see... ahahahahahah CHINA SUCKS!!!!! and they're ugly..... I am a Chinese but I hate my race especially the country China... I even more like Japan....

Why is scarborough shoal is claimed by other country in china?

Scarborough Shoal is claimed by the Philippines it is because it is within its 200 nautical mile Exclussive Economic Zone which is an international boundary declared under the law of the sea. The Philippines is the nearest land mass to the shoal: only 135 miles (or 220 km) away.

What is a sentence for shoal?

If you mean - make a sentence with the word shoal, then: "The waves crashed on the shoal" Or it can refer to a group of fish as in "a shoal of tuna"

What is a group of cod called?

A shoal

Is a herrings group called a shoal?


How can get shoal bell?

You have to go to the Shoal Cave and get four Shoal salt, and four Shoal Shells. To get Shoal Shells go when there is high tide from 9am-3pm, and 3am-9am. To get shoal salt go when there is low tide from 3pm-9pm, and 9pm-3am.