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Q: Bakit pinabagsak ni Magellan ang kaharian ng funan?
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When did Kingdom of Funan end?

Kingdom of Funan ended in 550.

What has the author Funan Lin written?

Funan Lin has written: 'Jie ma'

What is a funan empire?

it is the first hindu arabic chinese empire

Ambag ng kahariang funan?

bobo kayong lahat

Does Funan still exist in your modern times?


Can you get a psp in funan digital life mall?

yes of course!!! if not why is it called digital mall??

When was Funan established?

Funan was established around the 1st century CE in mainland Southeast Asia, with its capital believed to be located in present-day Cambodia. It was a powerful kingdom that played a significant role in early Southeast Asian history until it eventually declined in the 6th century.

What is the most likely explanation for the decline of Fun-an?

The kingdom of Funan was an ancient kingdom in the southern Indochina region. Historians believe the decline of the kingdom was because of the over expansion of the navy and the trade with China. Funan worked closely with Khmer of Chenia and was later taken over by the Chenia people.

Where can you buy a Nnitendo DS in Singapore?

united square, jurong entertainment center [juzzgame], plaza singapura, toys r us, funan

How did Funan become an important kingdom?

The answer is simple.....actually we don't know I am just kidding because nobody likes answering these historical questions.

Is there a video game store in Singapore?

Yes, there are lots of them. Like Gamescore on 109 North Bridge Road in the Funan DigitaLife Mall. That is the nearest to downtown.

What role did entrepots like Funan and Adulis play in Afroeurasian trade?

Entrepots like Funan and Adulis served as key trading hubs connecting different regions of Afroeurasia. They facilitated the exchange of goods, ideas, and culture between Asia, Africa, and Europe. These cities played a vital role in the development of long-distance trade networks and helped shape the global economy of the time.