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Q: Bakit nagkaroon ng pagbabago sa antas ng pagkilala ng mga brahmin sa kshatriyas?
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What was the four basic categories in the original Hindu?

Brahmin, Kshatriyas, Vaishya and Shudras.

What is the Hindu social caste?

The Hindu social caste system begins with the Brahmin or the priests. Lower on the system are the Kshatriyas or the nobles, the Vaisyas or the farmers and producers, and the Shudras or the laborers.

How can kshatriyas do to change to a different caste?

if you are a female, marry into one. The most important way is to acquire knowledge about your religion and practice it properly. After gaining wisdom you can become a full devotee and that way u will move into the brahmin way of life.

Is dighe a marathi brahmin sername?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is no one definitive list of Marathi Brahmin surnames. However, some common Marathi Brahmin surnames include Deshpande, Joshi, and Kulkarni.

How many castes are in Hinduism currently?

Mainly Hinduism is followed in India currently in its original form. Caste system has 4 main castes brahmans, khsatriya, vaiishya & suta.

Who is upper caste Nair or Vishwakarma?

Nairs are a branch of Nagavanshi Kshatriyas found in the Indian state of kerala. They are similar to the Bands , Nagavanshi Rajputs and Jats. Vishwakarmas are supposed to be engaged in the construction jobs . But, they fall under the Brahmin caste. Regarding who is upper , the Brahmins or the Kshatriyas is tricky question . According to the indian constitution no one is upper or lower , all are equal before law and of course same in the eyes of God !

How can you tell what caste people belong to?

Hindu religion is caste based. There are four castes namely Brahmin, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, and Shudras. The surname tells a lot about the caste of a person. For instance people with surname Shastri are Brahmin and with Ambedkar are Shudras.

Is Parshuram a vegetarian?

Parasuram was a kshatriya in a brahmin's body. A potion mix up with Parashuram's grandmother, Brahmin wife, and her brother's wife,Kshatriya, caused a brahmin to be born to her brother's wife and a kshatriya to be born toPArashuram's grandmother. She prayed to a rishi and the birth of the kshatriya was averted until the next generation. Thus Jamadagni's son with Renuka was a kshatriya in a Brahmin's body. Parashurama adhered to brahmin principles and vegetarianism is a big part of Brahmins. Killing animals for carnal pleasures is considered sinful and Brahmins who are expected to be the most sinless and do not require meat unlike the other castes(kshatriyas need meat to fight wars), are not expected to eat meat (Though today, some stupid brahmins do). So the answer to your question is a confident YES, assuming Parasuram existed! :)

Is sachin tendulkar a brahmin?

yes he is a brahmin

Is ashwin is brahmin?

Yes, he is a Brahmin - Iyer.

Which of the following is the highest caste in the Hindu caste system?

Brahmin the 3rd

Is Jayachitra a Tamil brahmin?

Yes, Jayachitra is a Tamil Brahmin. She was born into a Tamil Brahmin family.