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Q: Bakit may lindol pag continental drift theory?
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What theory replaced Wegener's hypothesis of continental drift?

I think that continetal drift replaced his theory

Why is the continental drift theory a theory and not a scientific law?

The Continental Drift theory is a theory because there is no evidence to support it. Alfred Wegener developed the Continental Drift theory in the 1800's.

What was the continental drift theory replaced by in 1967?

The continental drift theory was replaced by the theory of plate tectonics.

What is the volcanic and the drift continental theory?

the Continental Drift Theory is the slow movement of the Earths continents. A.K.A the continents drift

When you right continental drift does it have to be capitalized?

No, only Continental Drift Theory.

What theory did Alfred wegner introduce?

Alfred Wegener's theory was known as the theory of continental drift.

What ideas from the theory of plate tectonics add to the theory of continental drift?

The theory of plate tectonics builds on the idea of continental drift by explaining how the Earth's lithosphere is broken into plates that move over the asthenosphere. Plate tectonics also accounts for the movement of not just continents, but also oceanic crust, creating a more comprehensive understanding of Earth's geological processes. Additionally, plate tectonics provides a mechanism for explaining the formation of mountain ranges, earthquakes, and volcanic activity at plate boundaries.

Did seafloor spreading prove the theory of continental drift?

Seafloor spreading helped prove the theory of continental drift. Pangea theory also helped.

The theory that continents can drift apart from oneanother?

Continental Drift

How is theory of plate tectonics similar to the continental drift?

continental drift is caused by plate tectonics

What does the Theory of Continental Drift?

the movement of the continent i :-)

In the 1930s the theory of continental drift was formed?

The theory of continental drift did originate in the 1930s. Continental drift asserts that the continents were once a single landmass called Pangaea that drifted apart over time.