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Mu ah sau

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Q: Bakit kaya tinawag ni plasencia na commoner o karaniwang mamamayan ang aliping namamahay?
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What is a Roman commoner?

A roman commoner was a pleb

How can you use common in a sentences?

He was naught but a commoner. The Prince married a commoner. I am a commoner. Commoner refers to the regular masses of people without rank or elevated status.

Is Prince William a commoner?

Prince William is of royal blood, hence, not a commoner.

Was Princess truly a commoner Wasn't she Lady Spenser?

She was from an aristocratic basically no she was not a commoner.

What if Prince William marries a commoner?

Prince William married Miss Catherine Middleton (a commoner) on 29 April 2011. In British law, strictly speaking, a commoner is anyone who is neither the monarch (King/Queen) nor a peer (Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount or Baron/Lord.) Prince William was a commoner before he was made a Duke; Prince Harry still is a commoner.

Was the Queen's mother a commoner?


What is the antonym for prince?

A commoner.

What happened to the Swedish kings daughter this week?

She got engaged to be married to a "commoner"! She got engaged to be married to a "commoner"!

What is the Tagalog of commoner?

Tagalog translation of commoner:taong may mababang estado sa buhay

What was a commoner in old Rome?


Is Barry Commoner a scientist?

yes he is

What is a pelebian?

Also known as Commoner.