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Q: Bakit kailangan sakupin ng England nag Burma?
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Bakit kailangan sakupin ng England ang burma?

bakit kailangan maangarap ng isang tao pataasin ang anwserThe cast of Bakit kailangan ng ibon ang pakpak - 1997

Which of these eras was colonized by England?

India and Burma

When did Burma become part of the british empire?

Upper Burma was annexed after the Anglo-Burmese War in 1885 CE. England had complete dominion over Burma by 1897 CE.

What was the relationship between England and Burma prior to colonization?

Britain was the colonial power

Why does England need to take control of Burma?

Because at that time great britain was a colonial power that saw burma and the far east in general as connected to its main colony, India. In view of David Cameron's visit to Burma and the west in general's 'sucking up' to the military junta my best guess is a share in the abundant natural resources of that gentle country.

When did Berma become myramar?

In 1989, the military government changed the name from Burma to Myanmar. This change has not been universally recognized at this time. England for example still refers to this country as Burma in its newspapers.

What national flag has a pomegranate on it?


What Countries that have a oligarchy today?

Burma has a junta government. That is a form of oligarchy.

What are three countries that dont use the metric system?

Myanmar(Burma), Liberia, and the U.S.A.

What can be viewed on the Burma Today website?

The Burma Today website has a lot of varied content for it's readers. Some of the content offered is about peace campaigns in Burma, Burma Debates and Orchestra Burma.

Former name of myanmar?

Burma. Myanmar was originally known as Burma, and that is still its official name. No legislature in Burma has actually approved the name Myanmar, which is derived from the Burmese short-form name Myanma Naingngandaw and has been promoted by the military authorities in Burma.The conventional long form of the country is Union of Burma, and this in the local long form is Pyidaungzu Myanma Naingngandaw.

What do the colors on the Burma flag mean?

"We are Burma"