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Q: Bakit itinakwil ni ferdinand magellan ang pagkamamamayang portugese?
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What Nationality was Ferdinand Magellan?

He was born in Portugal. He was therefore a Portugese.

What is lifespan of Magellan?

Ferdinand Magellan (Portugese) was born in 1480 and died in 1521 (aged 40-41).

Who was the first spanish in Philippines?

It was actually Miguel Lopez De Legazpi for Ferdinand Magellan was a Portugese.

Who sponsered Ferdinand Magellan's trip?

Although he was Portugese by birth, he flew under the flag of Spain.

Magellan was a?

Portugese explorer.

What is name after Ferdinand Magellan?

i think the navigation system Magellan was named after Ferdinand Magellan The Magellanic penguins were named after Ferdinand Magellan.

What was Ferdinand Magellan first name?

Ferdinand Magellan

Who first circumnavigated the globe?

Ferdinand Magellan

Was Magellan a mythological god?

No, he was a Portugese explorer.

What is the name of the explorer led the first expedition around the world?

The first expedition around the globe was led by Ferdinand Magellan.

What are the positive impacts of Ferdinand Magellan?

Ferdinand Magellan was the first explorer to circumnavigate the world. Alright Ferdinand Magellan!

Was Ferdinand Magellan's father an explorer?

ferdinand magellan's father was a mayor