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Q: Bakit dumagsa ang manonood ng opera ayon kay camaroncocido?
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What are the 2 kind of Classic Opera?

Opera Seria and Opera Buffa

How many kinds of opera in the world?

There are numerous kinds, but the basic types are - Grand Opera Comic Opera Serious Opera Opera Semiseria Opera Cornique Opera Verismo Singspiel Operetta Chinese opera

What is the genre in opera?

Amongst numerous opera genres are - Ballad opera Chamber opera Comic opera Comédie en vaudeville Grand Opera Masque Opera buffa Opera semiseria Opera seria Operetta Opéra bouffe Opéra bouffon Opéra comique Opéra féerie Opéra-ballet Rescue opera Romantische Opera Savoy opera Singspiel Tragédie en musique Verismo Zarzuela

What is the Opera Populaire?

The opera populaire is the opera house that is in the book/play/movie 'Phantom of the Opera'

What is an opera-buffer?

Assuming you mean "opera buffa" then the definition would be a comedic opera, as opposed to an "opera seria," meaning "serious opera."

What is the term for opera in Manhattan?

The term for opera in Manhattan is opera.

What do you call a musical play in where all the words are sung?

musical, opera maybe?

What is an opera-ballet?

an opera ballet is an opera that incorporates ballet dancing in part to tell the story of the opera

What is opera ballet?

an Opera Ballet is an opera that incorporates ballet dancing in part to tell the story of the opera

What type of noun is opera?

The noun 'opera' is a singular, common noun. The noun 'opera' is an abstract noun as a word for a branch of music or drama. The noun 'opera' is a concrete noun as a word for a score of opera, a performance of opera, or an opera theater.

Who made opera mini?

Opera Mini was developed by Opera Software

What is a sentence with the word opera?

The Phantom of the Opera is a popular film.I found the opera dull and repetitive.