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Q: Bakit Mona Lisa ang pangalan ng painting?
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When did the Mona Lisa painting start?

mona lisa started painting when she was 16 years old

Why was the 'Mona Lisa' picked to be the Mona Lisa?

The painting is a portrait of Lisa Gherardini. Mona means Madam.Madam Lisa.

Who is the author for the famous painting Mona Lisa?

Leonardo da Vinci is the author of the famous painting Mona Lisa

Was the Mona Lisa religious or secular?

Was the Mona Lisa A religious or secular painting

Is the Mona Lisa haunted?

The Mona Lisa is a painting. Paintings are not haunted, unless you mean a building named the 'Mona Lisa' ?

What painting is lenardo famous for?

The Mona Lisa or the Smiling Woman The Mona Lisa or the Smiling Woman The Mona Lisa or the Smiling Woman

Why is Mona Lisa painting famous in Egypt?

'cos it was done by a famous artist and it is a good painting with a lot of work adn effort innit the mona Lisa is an ugly woman, but the brilliance of the painting is in the detail of the scenery surrounding the focal point of mona Lisa herself.

Is Mona Lisa painting is moving?


Is there a dog in the painting of Mona Lisa?

No there is not.

Which painter created the famous work of art of Mona Lisa?

Oh my goodness! The Mona Lisa is like my favourite painting. I love how in The Sarah Jane Adventures the Mona Lisa painting comes to life and Mona Lisa tries to find her long lost brother which was in a painting which was so terrible and scary it had been locked away. Anyway, the author of the Mona Lisa painting is Leonardo da Vinci. He is such a good painter and here's a painting to prove it!

Is the Mona Lisa made out of paper?

NO the Mona Lisa is not made of paper. It is an oil painting on wood.

Who painted the monaliza painting?

*Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Di Vinci