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Q: Anu anu ang bahagi ng search engine home page?
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When do you use the search button on a browser?

When you want to save time (by not having to go to the search engine's home page), switch quickly from search engine to search engine, or have your most recent search handy.

Why make Google your home page?

Because it's the best search engine.

What is a results page?

A results page is the results of a search from a search engine. Also referred to as a SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

How do you get Google as a search engine?

When on th egoogle page. Click the house in the corner and ut makes it your j=home page.

What is a page found by a search engine that contains a keyword from the query box?

SERP-Search Engine Result Page.

Why is Larry page famous?

Larry page created the best search engine that has multiple properties to search up. This search engine is Google.

How to link WikiAnswers URL to home page search engine list?

Thomas Jefferson Middle School

How do you get to the Twitter home page?

Just go to or search twitter on a search engine (eg. google or bing) and click on the twitter link.

How does one set the Google search engine as their home page?

You can set Google as your home page in most browsers by dragging the Google website tab to the Home icon located in the navigation UI of your browser. When prompted, click yes to set Google as your home page.

Who is the director of Google search engine?

Larry Page, Sergey Brin are the director of Google search engine.

Who was establishment of Google search engine?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin was establishment of Google search engine.

How do you switch from bing to Google as your main search engine?

If you have a bing toolbar, uninstall it. If bing is simply your home page, go to your browser settings and change the URL to your home page to that of google's, e.g.,