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I. Love God with all your heart.

II. Bear always in mind that the love of God is also the love of country, and this,

too, is love of one's fellow-men.

III. Engrave in your heart that the true measure of honor and happiness is to die

for the freedom of your country.

IV. All your good wishes will be crowned with success if you have serenity, constancy, reason,

and faith in your acts and endeavor.

V. Guard the mandates and aims of the K.K.K. as you guard your honor.

VI. It is the duty of all to deliver, at the risk of their own lives and wealth,

anyone who runs great risks in the performance of his duty.

VII. Our responsibility to ourselves and the performance of our duties will be the example

set for our fellow-men to follow.

VIII. Insofar as it is within your power, share your means with the poor and the unfortunate.

IX. Diligence in the work that gives sustenance to you is the true basis of love --- love for your

own self, for your wife and children, and for your brothers and countrymen.

X. Punish any scoundrel and traitor and praise all good work. Believe, likewise, that the aims of the K.K.K.

are God-given for the will of the people is also the will of God.

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