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Q: Anu ang naging kontribusyon ni jean baptiste colbert?
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What is Jean-Baptiste Colbert's birthday?

Jean-Baptiste Colbert was born on August 29, 1619.

When was Jean-Baptiste Colbert born?

Jean-Baptiste Colbert was born on August 29, 1619.

How old was Jean-Baptiste Colbert at death?

Jean-Baptiste Colbert died on September 6, 1683 at the age of 64.

How old is Jean-Baptiste Colbert?

Jean-Baptiste Colbert was born on August 29, 1619 and died on September 6, 1683. Jean-Baptiste Colbert would have been 64 years old at the time of death or 395 years old today.

Who tried to make France self suffcient?

Jean-Baptiste Colbert

Who managed the royal finances for Louis XIV?

Jean Baptiste Colbert

Who is jean-baptiste colbert?

he was the chief official for king Louis xiv in 1663

What did Jean Baptiste Colbert do while finance minister for Louis XIV?

bossted the encnmy

Who was Louis XIV's economic adviser who developed the policy of mercantilism?

Jean Baptiste Colbert

Who supported a mercantilist policy and founded the French East India Company?

Jean-Baptiste Colbert

Jean Baptiste Colbert sought to increase the wealth and power of France by following the ideas of what?


How did jean baptiste colbert intend to stimulated economic growth in France?

there were frighting between the spanish until 1714