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tan0ng ny0 sa teacher

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Q: Anu-ano ang skills na dapat matutunan sa araling panlipunan?
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Ano ang mga skills ang dapat matutunan sa araling panlipunan?

marami :)

Ano anu ang mga skills o kasanayan sa pag aaral ng araling panlipunan?

anu anu ang mga skills na dapat matutunan sa araling panlipunan

Skills o kasanayan na matutuhan sa araling panlipunan?

magmaganda ka pra mlamn mu

Ano ano ang mga skills na dapat matutuhan sa araling panlipunan?

Ang mga sumusunod ay ang mga skills na dapat nating kasanayan sa pag-aaral ng araling panlipunan:Tiyaga-(Pangunahing skills na dapat mong taglayin)Talas ng Isipan-(kailangang mayron kang talas ng isipan na magagamit mo sa tuwing may mga petsa,lugar,Tao,o iba pang dapat alalahanin)Malawak na kaisipan-(Kailangan ito para sa higit pang pag-papalawig ng sariling imahinasyon)Tiwala sa sarili-(kailangan ito para tulungan mo ang iyong sarili na pataasin pa nito lalo ang kakayanan,Hindi lang mental kundi pisikal na rinMatinding konsentrasyon-(kailangan din nito upang Hindi malito ang sarili sa bawat paksa o kaganapan na papasok sa isip)Micael Gabriel Itliong,"hope that it will help ":)SSC II-3

Can you give me an example of a skill?

Examples of skills include: * writing * cooking * people skills, (aka interpersonal skills) getting along well with others * reading * decorating * organizational skills * drawing skills * mathematical skills * typing skills * computer skills * athletic skills * communication skills * cognitive skills * perceptual skills * reasoning skills * social skills * analytical skills * language skills * musical skills

Recommended skills for a soccer player?

Recommended skills for a soccer player are: Defensive Skills Attacking Skills Positioning Skills Shooting Skills Passing Skills Strategy Skills

What skills does David have?

David has the Jackie Chan skills, the Michael Jordan skills, the David Beckham skills, the Leonardo DaVinci skills, the Mark Henry skills, the Diego Maradona skills, the Michael Jackson skills, the Gold Logie skills, the Shakespere skills, the Cathy Freeman skills, the Usain Bolt skills, the Donald Bradman skills and the Superman skills!!!

What are the skills of a heart surgeon?

life skills, singing skills, playing skills, juggling skills, hip hop dancing skills, night life skills, drinking skills, toy making skills, playing the banjo skills, piano skills, mamba skills, tango skills, pretty much whatever skill they want

What skills do you need for netball?

== == == == In Netball, you will need, running skills, catching skills, throwing skills, defending/intersecting skills, shooting skills, teamwork skills, dodging skills, footwork skills, good coordination and stopping skills. Your brain will also need to think fast.

Why are soft skills and hard skills important?

Soft skills include good communication skills, presentation skills and corporate manners. hard skills include technical skills, management skills. almost all corporates expect both the skills as business involves both soft skills and hard skills

What are some skills a car salesmen has?

There skills would be: money skills promoting skills advertising skills buisness skills and many many more

What are the three major types of managerial skills that managers need?

conceptual skills, human relations skills, technical skills. conceptual skills, human relations skills, technical skills.

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