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Q: Anong tungkulin ang nagagawa ni jesli lapus?
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What is the middle name of jesli lapus?


Who is the secretary educaion of the Philippines?

jesli a. lapus

When jesli lapus born?

may 19 1989

Kalihim of DepEd?

si jesli lapus ang namumuno sa Deped.

Sino ang bagong secretary ng deped?

Rizalino D. Rivera

What is the birth name of John Lapus?

John Lapus's birth name is Jonathan Anthony Lapus.

When was Jojo Lapus born?

Jojo Lapus was born on 1943-04-12.

When did Jojo Lapus die?

Jojo Lapus died on 2007-09-20.

When was John Lapus born?

John Lapus was born on July 7, 1973, in Manila, Philippines.

Who is the secretary DepEd of the Philippines?

Armin Luistro is the present sec. of the DepEd

Who is the secretary of Department of Land Reform in 2010?

sec.jesli lapus

Who is current DEPED secretary of the Philippines?

jisli lapus