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Q: Anong resulta ng pag-aalsa Nina malong at tapar?
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Ang pag aalsa ni tapar?

dahilan ng pagaalsa ni tapar

What are the Philippine Revolts?

Lakandula Jolo Maharlikas Magalat Igorot Gaddang Tamblot Bankaw,Pagali Pedro Ladia Juan Sumuroy Fransisco Maniago Andres Malong Tapar Fransisco Dagohoy Agrarian Diego ,Gabriela Silang Juan Palaris Basi Hermano Pule

Who is tapar in philppine' s revolution?

tapar is the 7th rebellion , and found another religion similar to christianity on oton,pany 1663

What does tapado mean in Spanish?

It means: covered. It comes from the verb: tapar.

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Palgad. has written: 'Porque tapar estas cicatrices' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Church and social problems, Church renewal, Indians of South America, Social conditions

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Kauderwelsch means Gibberish, a generic term in English for talking that sounds like speech, but has no actual meaning (such as "ja sun tecumba tapar") or ("la bgud duyier jusrekd, oh mai!"). This meaning has also been extended to meaningless text or gobbledygook, such as "the cats are eating my shmibbleboop, someone save the prostate gland from defibble nozzle sands". The common theme in gibberish statements is a lack of literal sense, which can also be described as a presence of nonsense. In the realm of computers, the displaying or printing of binary (non-text) data due to a fault in hardware and/or software is called gibberish (e.g. simulated by entering "TYPE C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CMD.EXE" or "cat /bin/sh"). It is also a "language" frequently used by teenagers that can be understood, in which the words are divided by syllables and the first sound is spoken, followed by "idiga", then the last sound. Scroll down to related links and look at "Kauderwelsch - Wikipedia".

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