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Q: Anong mga produkto ang iniluluwas at inaangkat nang pilipinas meaning?
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What is the meaning of produkto?

"Produkto" is a Filipino term that means "product" in English. It refers to an item that is made or refined for sale, trade, or consumption.

What is the meaning of Turnkey in tagalog?

The term "Turnkey" in Tagalog can be translated as "Kompletong Produkto" or "Buong Produkto" which refers to a product or service that is fully complete and ready for immediate use.

What is the meaning of likas na yaman?

ay mga hilaw na materyales na gingawang produkto upang magamit nating mga tao

Tagalog meaning of flag of the Philippines?

The Tagalog term for "flag of the Philippines" is "bandila ng Pilipinas."

May bagong bagyo ba sa pilipinas?

Some people say "meron" and other say "wala"what is the meaning of this?

Meaning ng bawat parte at kulay ng watawat?

asul-kapayapaan pula-katapangan puti-kalinisan 3 bituin-pulo ng pilipinas walong sinag ng araw-walong lugar ng sinakop ang pilipinas

Meaning ng lion sa simbolo ng republika ng pilipinas?

ang leon ay sumisimbolo ng impluwensyasa atin ng Spain

What is the meaning of KALIBAPI?

KALIBAPI stands for "Kapisanan ng Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas," which translates to "Association for Service to the New Philippines." It was a political party in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation in World War II, collaborating with the Japanese authorities.

What is the meaning of regional trial court in filipino?

Ang Regional Trial Court ay isang hukuman sa Pilipinas na may hurisdiksyon sa mas malalaking kaso at mga lugar, kabilang ang civil at criminal cases. Ito ang pangalawang pinakamataas na hukuman sa Pilipinas, sumunod sa Korte Suprema.

What is the meaning of hanging amihan?

hanging amihan is the wind that known as the northwest monsoon

What meaning of pagasa?

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services AdministrationPAGASA (which means hope in Filipino) is a Philippine national institution dedicated to provide flood and typhoon warnings, public weather forecasts and advisories, meteorological, astronomical, climatological, and other specialized information and services primarily for the protection of life and property and in support of economic, productivity and sustainable development.The meaning of PAGASA sa buhay ay pilipinas kong hirang na walang kwenta!meaning of pag-asa: hope philippine asmospheric geophisical astronomica servises administrationPhilippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration -- PAGASA

What is the meaning of Philippines?

The term "Philippines" refers to an archipelago country in Southeast Asia located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is named after King Philip II of Spain. The country is known for its diverse culture, beautiful landscapes, and welcoming people.