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Q: Anong mga nagawa ni Helena benitez sa panunungkulan niya bilang pangulo ng third governing council of united nations environment?
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What was an governing council of the USSR?

The governing council of the USSR is communism.

What was the name of the main governing council of the roman republic?

the Senate

Where did the name soviet come from?

"Soviet" is Russian for "governing council", from the Old Russian word, "Sovetu" meaning "with council".

Will the council clean up the graffiti?

I think that the council will clean up the environment because we pay the council money to look after our environment

When was Natural Environment Research Council created?

Natural Environment Research Council was created in 1965.

What are the local regional and governing bodies for cricket?

hello sir . the governing body of the cricket world cup is the ICC ( International Cricket Council) situated in Dubai. The chairman is Haran lograt of south africa.

What is the African Diamond Council?

The African Diamond Council (ADC) is the officialdiamond governing body of Africa's diamond-producing countries.

What is The Salvation Army's legal name to put in a will?

The Governing Council of the Salvation Army"

Who is the mayor of silver spring?

Silver Spring, Maryland uses a council-manager government and does not have a Mayor. A council-manager government uses a city council as its elected governing body.

What is the trusteeship council of the nations?

The Trusteeship Council a now-defunct organ of the United Nations that administers territories that were not self-governing when the UN was established.

What is the principal governing authority of a county?

The principal governing authority of a county is referred to as the county council. This will represent the central government at county levels.

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The Harrow Council is the governing body of the London Borough of Harrow. They are located in northwestern London, which is in the European country of England.