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Q: Anong lipunan ang naibalik ni cory aquino?
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What nicknames did Corazon Aquino go by?

Corazon Aquino went by Cory, and Tita Cory (Aunt Cory).

Who is the husband of Cory Aquino?

Cory Aquino's husband is ninoy Aquino...ninoy died, and so did Cory...Cory died at the age of 76...just a lil xtra info =] R.I.P Cory and Ninoy Aquino.

What icon symbolizes Cory Aquino?

Many consider Cory Aquino the symbol of democracy.

How many years did Cory Aquino to be a president?

Cory Aquino was president for 76 years (1933-2009)

Is Cory Aquino a hero or not?


Summary about the life of Cory Aquino?

what is the summary about the life of corazon Aquino

What is the talent of Cory Aquino?


1988 miss Philippines corazon Cory Aquino?

No, Corazon "Cory" Aquino is not a Miss Philippines queen but a former President of the Philippines.

What is the English of pang ilan si Cory Aquino sa pagiging presidente?

If this would be translated to English, the direct way of questioning would be: What number president was Cory Aquino? or What number president is Cory Aquino? You can ask your friends this way like in casual conversations. But if it's somebody that you don't think you can be casual with, try the alternatives below: 1. Where does Cory Aquino fall numerically in the list of presidents of the Philippines? 2. Numerically, where does Cory Aquino fall on the list of Philippine presidents? 3. Based on the number of Philippine presidents which position does Cory Aquino hold?

Who was the 11th president of the Philippines?

Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco Aquino(cory aquino)Corazon Aquino

What are the list of economic achievements of president Corazon Aquino?

achievement of cory aquino

Who are the Filipinos that are internationally acclaimed?

Cory aquino