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Q: Anong kahulugan nanaginip ako ng pusa puti o tiger look?
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Does Tiger's Sister look like Tiger?

no she's a girl

What do a tiger's young look like?

there cute and cuddly

How does Indian tiger look?

an Indian tiger looks the same as others

What does the clouded tiger look like?

There is no such thing as a clouded tiger they do not exist

Does a tiger shark look exactly like a female tiger shark?


What does Tygra look like?

...a tiger?

What does a tiger look like and what does a lion look like?


What colour is a tiger underneath fur?

Underneath a tiger's fur is the same as it is on top, if you look at the tiger's skin it will have the same pattern.

How tiger looks after its young ones?

tiger look after ones two to three year

What songs have tiger in the lyrics?

Eye of the Tiger I dreamed a dream ... "but the tigers come at night" paula cole's tiger ... "look at the tiger jumping out of her mouth" emile sande`'s tiger ... "i'm a tiger again"

What dose a white tiger look like?

A white tiger is all white with black stripes the most famous is a tiger is a Mohan.

Who did Tiger Woods look up to?

When he was growing up, Tiger Woods' idol was Jack Nicklaus.