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Q: Anong ibig sabihin ng external parts of stems?
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Compare the external structure of monocot and dicot stems?

Monocot stems are fleshy, have no branches, and don't get in thicker as they grow. Dicot stems do indeed grow wider, often grow branches, and are fairly tough.

Parts of stems that protect plants from animals?


What parts of fern grow underground?

roots and stems

Which variation stems from external sources and indicates that te process is out of statistical control?

Special Cause

In what parts of a flowering plant can you find the transport system?

the stems

What are three major parts of a plant?

Roots, stems, and leaves.

What are three parts which most plants have?

stems roots and leaves

Which plant structure has the most chloroplasts?

Parts which are exposed to sun light. Main parts are the leaves

What are the three basic parts of plant stems in the transportation system?


Are stems or other parts of the plant woody and rigid like a tree?

It is a plant stems are woody plants of tree so yes it is a plant ...

What is the layer of cells that covers roots stems leaves and flower parts?


What are some parts that make a plant different from an animal?

it has petals,stems,and pollen.