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Q: Anong ibig sabihin ng PDA sa love?
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What is a PDA in an aircraft?

what is a pda in an aircraft

What is a pda file?

If you asked what a file on a PDA is, my answer is everything. anything you see on a desktop computer can also be a file on a PDA. If you asked what a .pda file (having an extension of PDA), sorry, no idea. :)

Can PDA's connect to PC's?

PDA's can be connected to a computer. Files can be transferred from the PDA to the computer and from the computer to the PDA. Data such as phone numbers, addresses and appointments can be synchronized between PDA's and computers so the information can be the updated.

What is the common difference between PDA and palmtop?

A palmtop is a pda which is a personal digital assistant and a pda is a palmtop

Future trends of pda?


What is smaller a desktop a tower a laptop or a PDA?


Does a PDA have a flash memory card?

Depends on the PDA.

What are the disadvantages of a PDA?

the disadvantages of the PDA are that they are very large.

What is the over all best PDA avalible today?


A PDA is also known as?

PDA -- Personal Digital Assistant

Where is the PDA in BABV 2011?

no where the pda is now cbz zone

Can I watch movies on a PDA?

Sure, if your PDA has internet accessibility.