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Q: Anong bansa ang sumakop sa France at israel at Spain?
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Anong bansa ang sumakop sa china?


Ano ang mga bansang kanluranin na sumakop sa asya?

ano ang mga bansang nasakop ng mga kanluranin

What countries does the bay of biscay touch?

It touches France and Spain. Southwest France and northwest Spain to be exact.

France and Spain are in what country?

France and Spain ARE countries.

What countries with both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean coast?

Morocco, Spain, and France.

Who are the current enemies and allies of Spain?

Spain's most common allies are: Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy and Ireland. Spain's known 'enemies' or hostile-considered countries are: Israel, Gibraltar and Argentina.

anong kanluraning bansa na nakasaop sa japan?


What are some Mediterranean countries?

Italy, France, Tunisia, Greece, Morocco, Malta, Spain, Egypt, Libya, Monaco, Israel and Syria

What dierection is Spain from France?

France and Spain share a border with each other between the Pyrenees Mountains and the Principality of Andorra.

How many Meditterranean countries are there?

Twelve: Spain France Italy Greece Turkey Syria Lebanon Israel Egypt Libya Tunisia Morocco

Name 5 present day countries whose boundaries lie entirely within the borders of the roman empire?

ItalySpainPortugalEgyptFranceGreeceThey are: England, France, Spain, Italy and Israel

Are there lively resort cities along the Mediterranean?

Yes. Probably the most famous of these cities is Ibiza in Spain, but there are numerous such cities along the Mediterranean, especially in Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, and Israel.