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sales tax

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Q: Ano sa Tagalog ang income tax?
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Ano ang ibig sabihin ng tarok taem?

buwis o tax

Anu ang kahulugan ng income tax?

incme tax is A compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers' income and business profits or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions.

What is Before tax income after tax income?

Before tax income is gross income less allowable deductions and rebates = assessable income. After tax income is assessable income less the applicable income tax

What kind of income tax is based on your taxable income?

Income tax IS based on your income that is why it is called INCOME tax.

Is Payroll Tax considered Income Tax?

Yes. Any tax on income is income tax. Taxes imposed after income, such as sales tax, aren't.

What is a Fedeal income tax?

A income tax is a tax levied on the income of individuals or business.

Is Net income before or after tax?

Net income is what you get after tax, gross income is before tax.

What is an income tax?

Income tax an amount of tax that is due on your TAXABLE INCOME amount for the tax year.

What are the similarties between the state income tax and the federal income tax?

The amount of your tax liability is based on your TAXABLE INCOME after your income tax return is completed completely and correctly down to the TAXABLE income line of each income tax return.

How do you compute the personal income tax?

Income Tax DSC, Digital Signature for Income Tax, Return e Filing, ITR to authenticate your identity electronically, Get Class 3 digital signature for Income Tax to save your privacy. You can easily submit your Income-tax with the help of DSC (digital signature for income tax).

What are the effects of tax on in com distribution?

There are two types of tax that is related to income equality: Regressive tax: The tax as a percentage of your income decrease as your income rises. Example includes VAT (Value Added Tax) where the burden of the tax falls more heavily onb the poor than to the rich. Therefore it increases the income inequality. Progressive tax: The tax as a percentage of your income increases as your income rises. Example includes income tax where as your income rises, the tax percentage increases. Therefore, it creates more income equality.

Are income tax payments deductible?

State income tax payments are deductible on your federal income tax return. (You may deduct state income tax or sales tax, but not both.) Federal income tax payments are deductible on your state tax return in a tiny number of states.