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Q: Ano ibig sabihin ng rice planting ni amorsolo?
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'Planting rice' by Fernando Amorsolo?

ang pinaka famous na painting ni Fernando amorsolo ay planting rice

What lines seen did Fernando Amorsolo used in his painting's title-Rice Planting?


What is the meaning of the painting planting rice by Fernando amorsolo?

The artist, Amorsolo, created this artwork to show of the true value of Filipinos. They are hard-working yet happy of what they are doing. It was to also make the world aware about the true Filipina beauty. Overall, this painting was intended to show Filipino's characteristic glow.

Best describe amorsolo's painting which is rice planting?

Very uniquely filipino. He is a master of light.

What is the meaning of Afternoon Meal of the rice worker's of Fernando amorsolo?

The painting "Afternoon Meal of the Rice Workers" by Fernando Amorsolo depicts a scene of rice workers taking a break to eat. It showcases the simplicity and hard work of rural life in the Philippines. The painting captures a moment of respite for the workers in the midst of their laborious tasks.

Who paint the planting rice?

Fernando amarsolo

Which season of planting rice in Pakistan?


The widest plain for planting rice in the Philippines?


Larawan ni Lope K Santos?

planting rice

Who discovered planting rice?

The oldest known rice farms were in China in the Stone Age 8,000 years ago.

Who are the famous Filipino painters and their contributions?

Fernando Amorsolo was one. His contributions included: 1920 â?? My Wife, Salud , 1921 â?? Maiden in a Stream, GSIS Collection, and 1922 â?? Rice Planting . Another is Vicente Silva Manansala. His masterpieces are Madonna of the Slums, Jeepneys, Kalabaw (Carabao), oil on canvas, 28.5 inches x 38 inches, 1965 .

Why aren't there a lot of Asian composers?

Because they are too busy planting rice.