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aMF means ''WE''

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Q: Ano ibig sabihin ng amf sa chat?
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What is the stock symbol of AMF bowling worldwide inc?


Where is the closest AMF bowling center near Conway SC?

AMF Park Lanes in Columbia, SC is the closed AMF center.

How do you connect amf panel to generator?

amf panel ciruite

When did Harley Davidson take over amf?

Harley-Davidson never took over AMF. AMF bought Harley-Davidson and then Harley-Davidson management bought it back. AMF was never part of Harley, it was the other way around.

When did AMF Bowling World Lanes happen?

AMF Bowling World Lanes happened in 2008.

What years did AMF own Harley-Davidson?

AMF bought Harley in 1969, and sold in 1981.

When did amf sell Harley Davidson?

I read that AMF sold Harley Davidson in 1981. When in 1981 did this happen?

Where can one get AMF Bowling coupons for free?

Go to and join the eClub the link is right on the homepage. You will get printable coupons via email. You can also join the mClub by going to you local amf and follow the posted instructions. You will get coupon codes via text messages on you cell phone.

Dg set start from amf panel but not stop from amf panel?

1) stop solenoid relay not work 2)under volt relay floaty 3)amf card folaty

When was AMF Bowling World Lanes created?

AMF Bowling World Lanes was created on 2008-11-18.

Is your 1981 Harley a amf?

Could be. Harley was purchased from AMF in 1981. AMF started production in 1970 so all models between 1970 to 1981 are. No telling how many more were on the market after 1981.

What is ATS panel?

actually there are no difference between ATS and AMF panels, because all of new ATS panels are now AMF panels. The only things that AMF do more than ATS is to order the generating set to run after the main power source fail by sending start command to the generating set controller. These days all ATS are AMF panels they send start command to the generating set once main power source fail so they become AMF panels. AMF panels answered perfectly in this web site just write what is AMF panel?