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Q: Ano ang uri ng pamahalaan sa Pilipinas Google Translate What kind of government in the Philippines?
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What does hapon translate?

Hapon is the Tagalog word for Japan. Tagalog is spoken in the Philippines.

How do you say how much does that cost in Philippines?

kung magkano ang na gastos and I'll give you a tip always check on Google translate and translate from English to a different language!

What is a sentence using the word translate?

I can translate the Christmas song 'Silent night' in sign language.Interpreters will translate the dignitary's speech.Good intentions do not always translate into effective actions.Here are three sentences using the word 'translate':"James is fluent in English and French and so can translate between the two languages.""Please will you translate this into German for me?""When I am older I would like to translate for the government."

How do you say happy St Patrick's day in Philippines?

Maligayang Saint Patricks Day! i used google translate. :D

How can translate this sentence in English pang lan pangulo si gma?

In the line/order of Philippine Presidents, what is GMA's rank? What position in the sequence of Philippine Presidents is GMA? ON WHAT NUMERICAL ORDER AS PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES IS GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO? Among the fifteen presidents of the Philippines, what place is GMA?

Who runs he Netherlands?

The government named 'De Tweede Kamer'. It means if you translate it literally it is: The Second Room. And ofcourse queen Beatrix

What is a Sentence with the word translate?

Can you translate that into French, please?We will translate the manifesto into multiple languages.I will translate the book into English.

Is Mein Kampf is a name for the nazi government?

No. Mein Kampf is the name of a book Hitler wrote while in prison. It translate to english as My Life

How do you say translate in portuguese?

"To translate": Traduzir "Translate" as a request: Traduz or Traduza

What is the dertiest beach translate?

Translate to what?

What is danke du aber auch schone bilder hast du in Philippines?

This question doesn`t make any sense to me, but literally translated, it would be "Thanks you but also nice pictures you have in philippines". Going by pure intuition, perhaps the person is trying to ask " Danke, aber hast du auch schoene Bilder von den Philippienen?", which would translate to "Thanks, but do you aswell have nice pictures of the philippines?"

Can Google Translate translate symbols?

Google translator can translate only language so, it's not possible to translate symbols but whenever we translate the language it may be changed the order of symbols in sentence.