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Q: Ano ang tungkol sa Born Again Christians bilang isang Relihiyon?
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What are the Jonas brothers born again christians?


How many born again Christians in Australia?


Are Muslims allowed to marry Born Again Christians?


Labing pitong relihiyon sa bansang pilipinas?

Mayroong iba't ibang relihiyon sa Pilipinas, kabilang ang Roman Catholicism, Islam, born-again Christianity, Iglesia ni Cristo, at marami pang iba. Ang karamihan ng Pilipino ay Katoliko Romano. Bukod dito, mayroon ding mga grupo ng mga indibidwal na sumasamba sa iba't ibang mga relihiyon at pananampalataya.

Do born again Christians believe in the Holy Trinity?


Isa-isahin ang mga relihiyon sa pilipinas?

Roman catholic muslim buddhists protestante el sahddai seventh day aventists iglesia ni cristo jehova's witnesses born again methodists mormons

How many Christians in the US describe themselves as born again?


Why do Christians celebrate Jesus Christ on Easter?

Because the Easter celebration is about when he died for your sins and rose again. He asked Christians to observe this.

Do fundamentalist or born-again christians believe in or enjoy reading The Imitation of Christ?

The Imitation of Christ is a Catholic book. I'm not sure of the relationship between born-again Christians, fundamentalists, and Catholics. I think they are separate.

What do Roman Catholics and Christians believe in?

Catholics are Christians and as such, believe in Jesus Christ, His Crucifixion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension, promising to come again.

Are the born again Christians the only saved people?

A:Unless born-again Christians believe they are the only saved people, one should wonder why they set themselves apart from other Christians. On the other hand, all other Christians believe they are 'saved', or will be saved, so for them the answer must surely be 'no'. Who knows, maybe the atheists are right after all, and salvation has no real meaning.

What type of religion does Russia have?

Russia has Eastern Orthodox Christians, some born-again Christians, some atheists, and some regions of Russia have Muslims.