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Q: Ano ang tinaguriang Island Gem of Asia.?
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How do you get the ruby gem and sapphire gem in leafgreen?

1 island 6 island

On Pokemon leaf green were is the gem that celio wants?

Get past every island and then you will get the gem from a little girl on island three.Take the gem to a guy named Celio on island one.

How to get the gem in island seven Pokemon LeafGreen?

The gem is on six island not seven island and its inside a cave called dotted hole.

Where is the second gem in firered?

The Second Gem is in the Dotted Hole in 6 island, although when you get there a scientist will steal it and you have to got to the rockets base on 5 island and then you have the Second gem

How do you get the sapphire and ruby gem in Pokemon fire red?

One Gem is at One island and the other one is at Four Island. this is not true it is near island 6

Where is the yellow gem on Build-a-Bearville?

On a island

How do you get boomers soul gem?

its on oilspill island

Where is the white gem on nabooti island?

in the mines

How do you get the white gem on Poptropica nabooti island?

how do you get the white gem on poptropica nabooti diamond mines

Where to find the gem on seven island in Pokemon leaf green?

Its not on seven island its on six island.

What is Rhode Island's state gem?

Rhode Island does not have an Official State Gemstone.

Where is the fourth gem in build a bear ville?

the gem is at the island where the spooky cooky house is .then go to the plaza.