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Q: Ano ang tema ng Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief tagalog?
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Which is the first of the Percy Jackson series?

Percy Jackson and Lightning Thief.

Who plays Percy Jackson on Percy Jackson and the Olympians the lightning thief?


Who is the main character of the story The Lightning Thief?

Percy Jackson is the main character in 'Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief' if that's what you meant.

Is their an Emma in Lightning Thief?

No, there is not an Emma in the Lightning Thief. There is not an Emma is the Percy Jackson movie, the Lightning Thief either. A demigod named Emma is not ever mentioned in the Percy Jackson series.

What is a good book if I liked Percy Jackson?

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief

Who is the protagonist in 'The lightning Thief'?

Percy Jackson.

What happens in Percy Jackson and the lightning thief chapter 7?

The lightning thief was Ares, and he was not in chapter 12. Percy does have dreams about Hades though implying that he thinks Percy is the lightning thief.

Who is the Lightning Thief in the book Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief?

Luke Castellan stole the lightning bolt

What is the name of Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson and the lightning thief in real life?


Who was starring as Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief?

Logan Lerman played Percy Jackson

Is there any Percy Jackson movie?

Yes, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Is there a 3rd trailer of Percy Jackson and the lightning thief?

The third, but first international trailer for the Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief is out on youtube. See links below.