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Lemento ng sundalong patpat

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Q: Ano ang tatlong elemento sa kwentong ang sundalong patpat?
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Ano ang suliranin sa kwento ng sundalong patpat?

Sundalong Patpat, Kabayong payat, Sampalok, Manok, Bundok, dagat,

What is sundalong patpat about?

It's about a thin soldier with a thin horse that searches far and wide for rain. He found it under the ocean inside a pearl necklace of a squid. Hope this helps! Peace out! Yabe

What is a good name for your poppet on moshi monsters?

zoomzoom patpat fluff

Mga matatalinhangang salita?


May maliit akung patpat pinalo ko sa aking kabayo umabot hanggang pitong gubat at tumalon ng pitong dagat?


What is the sexual orientation of nattan kess?

yes he is because he had call me Friday night 11:05p.m. Than we had sex to 3:00a.m Sunday morning and he said it was the best of his life and my name is patpat that's what he call me all the time

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