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The Ngbandi tone change that marks a plural subject is a different matter. The

concatenation analysis is not only clumsy and counterintuitive (the morphology is NOT

things in a string, like a root plus a suffix), it does not say what we want to say. As

stated, it makes the stem with the tone change look like an allomorph of the stem without

the tone change. What we would really like to say, however, is that the tone change is

something ADDED to the stem. The generative formalism of suprasegmental phonology

gives a way to do this. This formalism takes suprasegmental phenomena-in particular

tone, stress, intonation-as being separable from the segments (consonants and vowels)

that they are attached to.

Here are examples showing how we can adapt the suprasegmental formalism

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Q: Ano ang ponemang supra segmental ipaliwanag mo nga sa akin?
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