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ano ang pinakamahalaga kontribusyon Ng mga kaugnayan sa Athenian sa daig dig

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Q: Ano ang pinakamahalagang kontribusyon ng mga spartan at athenians sa daigdig?
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Ano ang pinakamahalagang kontribusyon ng mga spartan at athenian sa daigdig?

ano ang pinakamahalaga kontribusyon Ng mga kaugnayan sa Athenian sa daig dig

Who did the spartan warriors fight?

The athenians..... Their society was warbased. (the spartan's society.)

How would you compare the spartan and athenians?

the spartan are big fat dummys

How was family life different for Spartan and Athenians?

Because the Spartans had an oligarchy, and the Athenians had a democracy.

What did the spartan force the Athenians to do when they defeated them?

Give up its empire.

What happened to a Spartan boy if he was caught stealing from Athenians?

Athens was very far from Sparta, there would not be any Spartan boys there.

How did the Athenians solve the Spartan army destroyed local farms?

no one cares

Did the Athenians destroy Spartan farms to starve them into surrendering?

No it's the other way around

How and why did values and attitudes of Spartan culture differ from the values and attitudes of Athenians?

I don't know you answer it.

Why were athenians forced to surrender to Sparta?

The Athenian navy was defeated at the naval battle of Aegospotami by the Spartan general Lysander leaving the Athenians the choice of capitulation or face the prospects starvation and disease : the Athenians surrendered in 404 BC after the Spartans offered peace with clemency .

Who lead the athenians at the battle of salamis?

The commander of the Athenian component of the Greek fleet was Themistocles. The overall commander was the Spartan Eurybiades.

For what contribution is Alexander Lysander most notable for?

Alexander Lysander was most noted for being a Spartan admiral. Lysander was the commander of the Spartan fleet in the Hellespont. In 405 BC they defeated the Athenians at Aegospotami.

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