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ano ang pinakamahalaga kontribusyon Ng mga kaugnayan sa Athenian sa daig dig

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Q: Ano ang pinakamahalagang kontribusyon ng mga spartan at athenian sa daigdig?
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What education system was better athenian or spartan and why?


During the Peloponnesian War the Athenian navy was destroyed at the battle of?

Battle of Aigospotamai where the Peloponnesian fleet led by the Spartan admiral Lysander destroyed the Athenian fleet.Battle of Aegospotami where the Spartan Lysander destroyed the Athenian fleet.

What were Spartan and Athenian advantages in the war?

What war are we talking about.

What were spartan and Athenian advantages in war?

What war are we talking about.

did spartan woman have more rights than athenian woman?

Spartan women had more rights and freedoms than Athenian women. Spartan women were educated, could own property, and participate in sports, while Athenian women had limited rights and were mostly confined to the home as wives and mothers.

What did spartan athenian society emphasize the most?

Spartan society emphasized military training, discipline, and physical fitness. Athenian society emphasized democracy, education, philosophy, and the arts.

Is Athena goddess Spartan or Athenian?

Neither she was a goddess, an "Olympian".

How was education of spartan boys different from the education of athenian boys?

Spartan boys were taught to fight, kick, spit, bite, scratch and get into fights with other boys. Athenian boys were learnt to be polite and to be civilised.

What was life for Spartan women's?

They had more freedom than Athenian women. Spartan women could also learn how to wrestle and how to race.

How were athenian and spartan result of the wars?

How about you get someone to help you to write an understandable question.

What was life like spartan women?

They had more freedom than Athenian women. Spartan women could also learn how to wrestle and how to race.

What is the difference between a spartan and athenian hoplite?

The main difference between the Spartan and Athenian is that Athenians wore a breastplate and did not have the Red cape that Spartans wore. Spartans did not wear the breastplate but instead fought only armed with Shield and Weapon.