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Q: Ano ang pinaka mabisang gamot sa may body odor?
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What is the cause of body odor?

The genetic disorder Trimethylaminuria causes bad body odor.

What behaviors can affect body odor?

Activities that make you sweat can affect your body odor.

How do the geeky bacteria create body odor and how can it be prevented?

the odor of your body is occured by sweat.

What is the cause of bad body odor?

The genetic disorder Trimethylaminuria causes bad body odor.

Why does sweat cause you to have odor?

Sweat is the water residue that is as a result of exercise or workout.This is called respiration.Sweat causes body odor since sweat also is a way for the body to release materials not needed in the body and this can come out with sweat. When this materials are mixed with the air outside the body the body is a odor called body odor.

Are 6 year olds supposed to have body odor under their arms?

no when i was six i didn't even wear body odor i didn't until i was like eleven.

Do hamsters have body odor?


What is the cure for body odor?

Keep the body washed often.

Do huskys have body odors?

No. Huskys never have body odor.

What can you do to eliminate body odor if you shower three to four times a day?

== == You may have the genetic disease Trimethylaminua, which causes bad body odor.

How can you totaly remove the body odor?

You can remove body odor by bathing frequently and put on deodorant so your arm pits don't smell.

Would sweating from sauna helps to reduce body odor?

Sweating from the sauna helps to reduce body oder by getting rid of the toxins in your body. The less toxins you have, the less body odor you will have.