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Q: Ano ang pinagkaiba ng sistemang panlipunan sa sumerindus at shang?
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What dynasty was shang part of?

Shang was part of the ........ Shang Dynasty.:) (:

Where is shang?

shang was a dynasty not a place.

What nicknames does Akiko McQuerrey go by?

Akiko McQuerrey goes by Shang, and Shang Shang.

Who is the creator of the Shang Dynasty?

Shang Tang.

Where is shang China?

shang was a dynasty not a place.

Who was the shang leader?

Tang is the leader of Shang

What has the author Lu Shang written?

Lu Shang has written: 'Shang Wenyi gong ji'

What are the ratings and certificates for Shang xue lu shang - 2004?

Shang xue lu shang - 2004 is rated/received certificates of: Hong Kong:I

What dynasty did Shang Yang come from?

The Shang dynasty.

Who was the highest deity in Shang religion?


Features of a shang bronze axehead?

The Shang Dynasty

Principal god of the Shang Dynasty?

Shang Ti