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  • Datu Sumakwel
  • Datu Libay
  • Datu Bangkaya
  • Datu Balensuela
  • Datu Paduhinogan
  • Datu Paiburong
  • Datu Dumangsol
  • Datu Dumangsil
  • Datu Dumalogdog
  • Datu Puti
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Q: Ano ang pangalan ng sampung datu na tumakas kay sultan makatunaw?
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datu makatunaw the first sultan in the philippines .

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They are Bornean who escaped the cruelty of Sultan Makatunaw. In search for freedom and better lives they came to Panay. They bargained the chance of living in the plain of Panay with Golden salakot and golden necklace. The

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Sultan Rahi is 5' 7".

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