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Ano any pag kain at pananamit sa kwentong Ang kina ng Norte dame?

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Q: Ano ang pananamit ng mga tauhan sa Ang Kuba ng Norte dame?
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What is the capital of the state where Norte Dame is located?

Indianapolis is the capital city in the U.S. state of Indiana, the state where the University of Norte Dame is located.

How many bells are at norte dame?

There are like three bells at Notre Dame!

Who wrote the story about the hunchback of Norte dame?

victor hugo

Who won Michigan vs norte dame?

Michigan won

Norte dame de Paris is a prime example of architecture?


What gothic cathedral was made famous in a Disney movie?

The Norte dame cathedral

Which famous French landmark did Napoleon save from demolition?

Norte Dame Cathedral

Is Brian Kelley going to be the coach in the sugar bowl?

No, he is now coaching Norte Dame.

Who won the Cotton Bowl in 1988?

Texas A&M defeated Norte Dame 35-10

Where is a gargoyle located?

There are many gargoyles present in European architecture (check out Norte Dame in Paris).

How much does it cost to visit norte dame de Paris?

5 euros for kids and 7 for adults

What is norte dame?

This question is difficult to understand. If you want the Spanish translation of "norte dame" which would be indicated by the category of this question, the Spanish would be "give me north" or "what is north?" If you are asking about the place Notre Dame, the name actually two very different and distinct places. La Catedral de Notre Dame is a famous landmark in Paris and is one of the most famous Cathedrals in World. Notre Dame University is a Catholic University in the United States State of North Carolina, famous for its teams called "the Fighting Irish".