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Jose Rizal used his intellegence in writing to beat espanol

While, Andres bonifacio made a team and used weapons in fighting

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Q: Ano ang pagkakaiba ni Jose rizal kay Andres bonifacio?
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Did Andres Bonifacio know Jose Rizal?

yes, actually, Andres Bonifacio even praise Jose Rizal

Compare and contrast the leadership styles of Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal?

jose rizal use pen then andres bonifacio use bolo

What are the difference between Jose Rizal and Andres bonifacio?

They're both fighting for freedom. Jose Rizal used pen for freedom, but Andres Bonifacio used bolo for freedom.

Why Andres Bonifacio be considered as great as Jose Rizal?

Because Andres Bonifacio also offer his life for the freedom of our country. (:

Ano ang pagkaka iba ni bonifacio at ni Jose rizal?

The English translation of the Filipino words 'Pagkakaiba ni jose rizal kay bonifacio' is "Jose is different from Boniface".

Why should Rizal be the national hero of the Philippines instead of Andres Bonifacio?

because Jose Rizal die by the firing squad of the Spanish while Andres Bonifacio killed by people of Emilio Aguinaldo which is a Filipino not a Spanish.

Filipino heroes and there birthday?

andres bonifacio-november 30 dr jose rizal-december 30

Alias ni Andres bonifacio?

Agapito Bagumbayan - Ang dimasalang ay alias ni Jose rizal

Who wrote la solidaridad?

i think andres bonifacio or i think marcelo h. del pilar

How they choose Jose Rizal as the national hero?

They chose Jose Rizal instead of Andres Bonifacio because he fought the Spaniards not by his sword but by his words. He used his intelligence to free the Filipinos.

Why did rizal become the Philippine national hero not Andres bonifacio?

Because of Jose Rizal's literary woks that awaken the national consciousness and patriotism of the Filipinos...

What are the books read by Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio?

spell and read read bell books walk bird video