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damagem ken jayzon nga sapphire

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Q: Ano ang naging kontribusyon ni vasco da gama sa ekspidisyon?
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Is Vasco Da Gama a European?

vasco de gama is Portuguese

Where did Vasco De Gama explorer?

Vasco de Gama explored from Europe to India.

Does vasco da gama have sisters?

does vasco da gama have any sisters

Who gama vasco da worked for?

vasco da gama worked for the king.

Who influenced vasco de gama?

vasco de gama's father influenced him

Are there books about vasco da gama?

Yes there are books on Vasco Da Gama.

Who was conquered by Vasco da Gama?

goa was conquered by vasco da gama

Who is vasco?

vasco da gama

Was vasco da gama fat?

Yes, Vasco da Gama was extremely fat.

How long was Vasco da Gama an explorer?

how long was Vasco da Gama a explorer

What years vasco da gama?

Vasco da Gama died in the year of 1524.

What was vasco da gama's home country?

Vasco Da Gama was Portuguese, he was born in Sines, Portugal.