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Q: Ano ang naging kontribusyon ni Jose Rizal sa samahang propaganda?
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Sinu ang naging karelasyon ni Jose rizal?

Si Josephine Bracken ang naging karelasyon ni Jose Rizal. Sila ay naging magkasintahan sa huling yugto ng buhay ni Rizal.

Bakit naging inspirasyon ni rizal si francisco balagtas?

bakit naging bayani si balagtas?

Who is the leader in kilusang propaganda?

jose rizal

What is the codename of dr Jose Rizal during the propaganda movement?

Jose Rizal's code name during the Kilusang Propaganda movement were the ff: Dimasalang and Laon Laan

Sinu ang mga naging kasintahan ni rizal?

padre rufino colantes

Sino sino ang mga naging kasintahan ni francisco balagtas?

Sino sino ang mga naging kasintahan ni francisco balagtas?

Sino ang unang naging guro ni Dr Jose P Rizal?

Padre Sanchez

Explanation of Jose Rizal died?

Jose rizal was shot in bagumbayan bec of the discovery of propaganda movement or laliga filipina...

Contribution of Jose rizal in propaganda movement?

Jose Rizal contributed to the Propaganda Movement by writing insightful essays and novels that exposed the injustices and abuses of the Spanish colonial government in the Philippines. His works inspired Filipinos to fight for reforms and to strive for independence from Spanish rule. Rizal's writings played a crucial role in shaping Filipino national consciousness and identity.

Ano ang naging buhay ni rizal noong nasa Berlin siya?

buhay ni rizal sa berlin

Sino ang mga kasapi ng kilusang propaganda?

Jose Rizal

Sinu-sino ang mga naging kasintahan ni Jose Rizal?

Ang kanyang ama ay si Francisco Marcado Rizal ang kanyang ina ay si Teodora Alonzo Mercado Rizal