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Q: Ano ang naging impluwensya ng kulturang Muslim sa kultura ng Filipino?
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Anu-ano ang katangian ng lipunan kulturang islamiko?

ang katangian ng ng kulturang islamiko ay ang mga kultura para sa mga muslim......

Ano ang hitsura ng pananamit ng Muslim?

ano ang kahalaga ng kultura ng mag muslim

Who was the first Filipino Muslim to become a senator?

Senator Alauya Alonto

Tradisyon ng paglilibing ng mga muslim?

para igalang nila ang kanilang kultura bilang muslim.

What kind of man is bantugan does he reflect your image as Muslim filipino?

Bantugan is a legendary figure in Filipino folklore known for his bravery and noble character. While he embodies qualities valued in Muslim Filipino culture, such as courage and honor, it is important to remember that he is a fictional character and may not necessarily reflect the image of all Muslim Filipinos. As with any folklore, Bantugan's character may be idealized and may not fully capture the diversity within the Muslim Filipino community.

Why do Filipino Christians need to know Filipino Muslim symbols?

It happens not only to Filipino people but also to the other countrymen as well, its simply because they want to know every newest information and studies...

Is roshon fegan a Muslim?

he was once a Muslim but had gotten converted into christian!

Material na naiambag ng arabo sa Filipino?

Ang mga Arabo ay nagdala ng mga salitang Arabiko na bumuo ng bahagi ng bokabularyo ng Filipino, tulad ng mga salitang "kapatid" at "kamusta." Bukod dito, ang mga Arabo ay nagbahagi rin ng kanilang mga kaugalian at tradisyon sa relihiyon, lalo na sa Islam, na naging bahagi ng kultura ng mga Muslim sa Pilipinas.

Who is the First Muslim filipino woman governor?

princess tarhata alonto lucman of lanao del sur

What is the Filipino philosophy?

Probably a system of thought based on a synthesis of Catholic, Muslim, and native principles and beliefs.

What is the reason of Filipino to Muslim to be not called a Filipino?

vanessa can you speak in filipino?pls. ans my questionsThere is NO REASON. Islam is just one of the religions in the Philippines just like Christianity and Buddhism.That is what we often called racism and there is no rational explanation to those who did that way...

Ano ang Buod ng kwentong Kay Stella Zeehandelaar mula sa isang prinsesang javanese japara?

ipaglaban ang karapatan ng kababaihan pero sinusunod pa rin nila ang kanilang kulturang muslim