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Q: Ano ang nagawa ni Cardinal Sin sa pilipinas?
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What is a Cardinal sin?

A Cardinal Sin Is a Mortal sin

When was Cardinal Sin - band - created?

Cardinal Sin - band - was created in 1995.

When did Cardinal Sin - band - end?

Cardinal Sin - band - ended in 2006.

Where does the expression committing the cardinal sin come from?

In the Roman Catholic Church there are seven cardinal sins, or seven deadly sins, that contrast the seven cardinal virtues. When someone uses the expression committing the cardinal sin, they are talking about the ultimate sin of Pride.

Is labor or work the result of sin?

Labor, is a Latin word, Labore. We tend to hear, about hither sin, thither sin and Cardinal sin's.How, about Pope or Cardinal attributes to balance the debate.

Is eating pepperoni pizza a sin?

No. Although, technically, if you eat more of it than you need to, you have committed the cardinal sin of gluttony.

Is Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York City guilty of the sin of gluttony?


Why is the Catholic Church closing profitable churches?

Because greed is a cardinal sin.

Who was Jaime Sin?

a cardinal of the catholic church from 1976 to 2003 who was active in Filipino politics

What does Un Ano sin lluvia mean?

A year without rain

Does this mean un ano sin Lluvia in English?

A year without rain

What is the contribution of cardinal sin on edsa 1?

cardinal sins contribution on edsa 1 is conditioning the mind of the filipino people about the power of solidarity, and strong belief to the God which becomes the strengths of filipino in fighting the dictatorship of marcos and its cronies...